Useful information

It is very important to take care of a visa when planning a trip to China. China is not visa-free so you must get the visa to China in advance. Think over all the matters concerning your traveling abroad in advance. Do not leave it all at the last minute. Find an interpreter in China and write down the contacts. Also write down the contacts of your Embassy or Consulate, make a copy of the passport and visa. Set up your roaming services and buy a local SIM card on arrival. If you have some questions and you can not find answers to them, please contact me. I will help you.

Currency exchange

In China you can exchange money only in banks and hotels (except for some cities where there are rare exchange offices). The banks are open until 5 p.m. on working days. In hotels you can exchange currency at a lower rate daily. If you arrive in China after 5 p.m., exchange a little money in your country before the trip because you can only pay in yuans in China. 

Map of China (click here)

If you need some more information, call or write me. I will definitely answer you.