Technical interpreter in China

Die molds, die-casting, dies, die-casting machines, hot and cold runners —I am good at this topic. There is no difficulty for me. There may be many more like me, but today let’s talk about me. More recently, I have worked with a client on this topic again. To my surprise, it was a woman who was a design engineer by profession. When we were discussing things, I had a question whether there were other girls at her faculty. No, she was one girl among guys. The Dean of the faculty did not want to accept her into the group because she would supposedly take someone’s place. Well, it was difficult to study in this specialization, and only 5–7 people would finish the course and get the diploma. As a result of the voting, she was allowed to study to become an engineering expert together with the guys. Today this woman is the only one among her fellow students who exercises the profession. She designs and constructs engineering tools. China became the place of production of her engineering ideas.

When we first met, she, apparently, like men, doubted whether I could cope with the topic. That’s because before she worked with two interpreters who were a little incompetent. But she commended me for the results of my work as everything was well on my part. I hope that we will cooperate more with each other in the future.

Never underestimate your partner and do not judge by appearances. Although I am a woman and look much younger than I am (I was 30 in 2014), I understand many technical issues or at least I can understand the processes behind them. My brain works quite smoothly (mathematics was one of my favorite school subjects). I may not know the terms, but all the terms carry a certain meaning that can be described in other words. Do you need a positive result from negotiations with Chinese partners, but you doubt whether your interpreter will cope with the work? Explain the meaning of a term to him or her, explain the technology. Do not throw unknown vocabulary at him or her. I think you yourself learned the vocabulary only during your studies or at work. Competent interpreters can always transfer the meaning of the notion even if the latter is new for them. And if not, say goodbye to them and hire a professional.