Some matters to consider

This is a short guide including the issues you need to think of when contacting me for interpretation services:

  1. Let me know the subject of negotiations, the venue and duration of a trip in advance. Please provide me with a short list of specific vocabulary so I can prepare for the negotiations beforehand.
  2. I require payment in advance. If we have a prior agreement for my working at the exhibition or at the factory on certain dates, but you cannot come on these dates for some reason, the services are considered to be provided on these days. The date is considered to be booked after timely prepayment.
  3. Please remember that the interpretation services I offer in China are my living. Lenghty inquiries are a paid service.
  4. My working day can not be split so I do not charge by the hour. The duration of the working day is 8 hours. 
  5. The interpretation services can be paid either by cash or non-cash payment: by bank transfer to my account in the Chinese bank. I will send you my banking details on request.
  6. I accept payment in Chinese yuan. The cost of my working day is 1000 yuan and up. It depends on the work format, place and complexity.

Your interpreter in Guangzhou. Please appreciate the work done by interpreters in China.