Pre-shipment checks of goods in China

I am an experienced interpreter in China. So I can say that a pre-shipment check of goods and their packaging is an important element in the supply chain from China. Everyone agrees that it is true. When the goods leave the factory, let alone the territory of China, it is quite difficult to deal with misgrading, short delivery or defective goods. Not every factory will believe the words and photos and acknowledge its responsibility for the mistake. Almost every factory will require the return of goods to China. This includes return shipment and customs clearance – all at the client’s expense.

How do Chinese factories deal with such situations? It is common for them to compensate for defective or missing products when sending the next shipment. But if you are an honest foreign trader, first of all it is necessary to take into account customs procedures. Any uncustomed goods or goods with no fixed prices are contraband in China.

The second question is whether you wish to continue working with this Chinese factory after the inconvenience and problems, whether you need the next shipment. All have their own reasons why the goods should come from China safely and in the amount and range ordered. Especially when you invest a lot of money into the goods. In this regard, it is important to check the goods before shipment from China.

There are no universal experts. It is also true for interpreters. You can’t find a Chinese interpreter specializing in construction, medicine, astronomy, agriculture and all other areas combined. It is impossible. I work with supplies, and I am the interpreter in China. So I offer my clients the service of the pre-shipment check. Like any other person, I can see defective goods and shortcomings.

Every interpreter in China can offer you the service of the pre-shipment check. However, there is a difference between them. This is the human factor. I won’t judge people’s personalities and compare the degree of their responsibility. Still, this factor is important for the work.

While living in China, I have worked with different product groups. I have visited different factories in China and communicated with different people (clients and Chinese manufacturers). They demanded different quality of goods and quality of packaging for safe transportation from China to a destination.

Purchasers want to receive the goods in the form they saw it on the manufacturers’ websites, at the exhibitions in China, and in the showrooms of the factories. But not everyone has the opportunity to fly again and again to China to check the goods. There are no economical options for transportation to China today. And these expenses are added to the cost of the goods. So the final price is eventually attractive no more.

I am in China constantly so I can check the goods before shipment from China or before making cashless payments for the goods. Everyone agrees that it is not easy to check the goods, especially when it’s about clothing, shoes, small parts, and computer components. Nevertheless, it is possible to check almost any product. When checking the quality of the goods, I follow the clients’ exact instructions. My experience allows me to make decisions whether an order is ready for shipment or it needs to be fixed. After the check, I provide my clients with photos and a written report on the work done. So my clients can decide on their further actions. I will be glad to take the job of any complexity.