My work with television

Over the last month I have worked with two camera crews. One was from Moscow, and the other, from Minsk. I have my usual working routine: factories, contracts, supplies, technical issues, pre-shipment checks, deliveries. Thanks to the guys, I could go beyond my everyday life. I worked with the Moscow crew at the Canton Tower, which is such a famous sight in Guangzhou. The crew was shooting a video about the tower. It will put it in their documentary entitled “Not that simple” («НЕпростые вещи»). I climbed the tower several times before, but I have not yet seen all its grandeur and fascinating views. I had no idea how it worked. I am good at the humanities, so it is incredibly interesting for me to learn how things work and understand the technical side. I advise you to watch the January issue of the documentary with Aleksei Vershinin on the TV channel Russia 2. He can talk about grandiose things in an interesting and simple way.

We have visited the remarkable museums of Guangzhou with the Minsk crew. The visits brushed up my knowledge of Chinese history that I got at university and that was successfully lost. We also visited clothing factories and an embroidery factory. They make silk paintings at the embroidery factory. We saw the masterpieces of Chinese art. The masters work on them for months. We have come by some local alleys. We have visited the top of a financial center, from which the indescribable views of the city open. We have been to the Guangzhou wetland where Siberian migratory birds live. We have visited the Zhujiang Beer factory and learned about the beer production process. We have visited the port of Guangzhou and its customs zone (it is a no-go area). Containers are sent to other countries from there. The program of the Belarusian capital TV channel STV is called “Picture of the world” («Картина мира»). I will share the link with you as soon as the video gets released.

After all, the work of an interpreter is interesting despite the fact that sometimes you get pretty tired. The experience of working with the crews gave me the opportunity to learn and see some new things. But it didn’t end here. I also could look at the things at the perspective of television and contribute to the projects of both groups a bit.

Interpreter in China
During filming in the port of Nansha, Guangzhou, the export zone
“Not that simple”, the TV channel Moscow24, an interpreter in China and Guangzhou
The Moscow crew and me (Russia 2, Not that simple)
“Picture of the world”, working with Belarusian TV, an interpreter in China
The crew of the Belarusian capital television and me (STV, Picture of the world)

I have also participated in the filming of a social advertisement about Guangzhou. You can also watch it at the link.

в студии программы, на тв в гуанчжоу