My way to China or how I became an interpreter in Guangzhou

It is my fifth year in Guangzhou and my sixth one in China. My clients often ask me how I got in Guangzhou and why I came here so I want to tell you about it in detail.

I came into contact with China after high school. I graduated with honors so the President of the Republic awarded me and some of my other classmates a trip to China. In 2001 I visited the Great Wall of China for the first time, where, after a huge number of high steps, I wrote my name with a marker on the wall. I promised to return there one day. Before the trip to China, I entered a university, Faculty of International Economics, in Tomsk where I planned to study English. English was my hobby at school. I participated in Republic-level English competitions and won prizes. After going to China, I had the opportunity to go to another university. The English groups were full, but the Chinese-English groups were still available. I passed the exams and chose to study closer to home—in the city of Blagoveshchensk, Amur Oblast, where I began to learn Chinese.

In 2004 I went to China for a training. I chose a provincial town for my studies. It was known for its metallurgical plant—Anshan, Liaoning province. There were a few foreigners in Anshan at that time. There were only three Russian students at our university. Six months later, there were only two of us left. I can say that the training was almost individual. After graduation, I passed the HSK exam. It checks the level of proficiency in Chinese. My level was 8 out of 8. I returned to Russia with a wealth of knowledge of the language and culture, and I was proud of it.

My teachers sent me to Chinese competitions to Vladivostok and the Chinese city of Qiqihar. I won prizes at both competitions.

I started looking for a job during the fifth year of university studies. I wanted to quickly use my knowledge of the Chinese language and to show my abilities. I graduated from university with honors. During my studies, I worked as a Chinese teacher at the school of foreign languages at the university. I also gave private lessons to adults and children. I managed everything, and I liked the pace of life.

I got a job at a company in Guangzhou so I came here. The city struck me with its grandeur: illuminated tall buildings, four-story overpasses, lots and lots of people, and lots and lots of possibilities… At first it all seemed complicated and confusing. The city seemed huge compared to the one I lived before. But today it is 2011 already. Guangzhou seems so huge to me no longer. Sometimes I think I feel more comfortable in Guangzhou than I would ever feel even in Moscow. I understand everything here. I can ask anything and get anywhere. I know where there are particular goods in Guangzhou or an institution, where new houses are built and where you can rent an apartment, where it is better to have meals, what to avoid. I know 90% of Guangzhou, I think. And if I do not know anything, it is not difficult to learn this or that information when you speak Chinese. Guangzhou has become my second home where I am happy to return even after the brightest trips to other cities or countries.

Today I have my own business in Guangzhou—I work as the interpreter and business agent in China. That is why I am glad to meet each of you in Guangzhou and accompany you as the interpreter to factories or exhibitions. I can be your responsible business agent and carry out daily work with factories in China: correspondence with manufacturers in Chinese, placing orders, preparation of documents, requesting samples, pre-shipment and production checks, shipment control, and the organization of delivery and customs clearance. In addition to the business agent services, I also provide organizational services: hotel booking, ticket booking, planning your business trip route and running any other business errands in Guangzhou or all over China.

Author: Anna Morozyuk

Anna Morozyuk I live in Guangzhou (China). My specialty is translator and representative in China. I have certificates and diplomas confirming the level of knowledge of the Chinese language. I perform services in China such as the search for manufacturers, quality control, represent in exhibitions, organizing the supply of goods, big equipment from China, delivery and customs clearance from China.