Interpreter in Guangzhou and other cities of China. The cost of the service.

Every day I get phone orders for interpretation services in China and in its main cities: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and others in the adjacent areas. I live in Guangzhou that is situated in the south of China. The travel time from Guangzhou to Shanghai or Beijing is about 2.5 hours by plane. So when ordering services provided by the Guangzhou interpreter, you need to take into account the additional travel and accommodation costs. If my clients need to go to the northern and eastern provinces, I recommend many of them to find an interpreter in Shanghai or Beijing. I am sure there are Chinese interpreters. And if there are no professional Chinese interpreters or any interpreters at all, you can contact me. Again, please take into account all the additional expenses.

Now let’s talk about my work on a prepayment basis. When I take an order from one client and receive his advance payment, I am sure that the day is booked. Then I plan my daily work with other clients. I do it as well as the interpretation work. Many people think there are a lot of interpreters in Guangzhou. So it is not a problem to find an assistant. They fly to Guangzhou and call the interpreter on arrival—on the day before work. I don’t speak for everyone, but my days are always planned. It can be work with a client at an exhibition or factory, a trip to the factory for checking the goods. I can also be busy with having a container loaded, going to the banks, shopping or just watching movies at home. I am not always happy to change even the last point though watching movies does not bring me 1,000–1,500 yuans as the interpretation work. I like organization, and I don’t like spontaneity. I may be a little strict about the organization of work. I’m not likely to go and work if I get a call in the morning some day when I am planning to watch movies. Let’s return to the clients’ question why they can feel safe making the advance payment for my work. I have been living in Guangzhou for more than 4 years. I don’t see any point in running away with $200 paid in advance. Even if the amount was $200,000, believe me, you could rely on me. I was raised in the right family, had right friends, and I’m the right person. Maybe it doesn’t convince the reader. Still, it is of no use for me to deceive anyone. Moreover, stolen money does not bring happiness—and I believe that.

To order the interpretation services in China, you can contact me by phone or using the request form.

Author: Anna Morozyuk

Anna Morozyuk I live in Guangzhou (China). My specialty is translator and representative in China. I have certificates and diplomas confirming the level of knowledge of the Chinese language. I perform services in China such as the search for manufacturers, quality control, represent in exhibitions, organizing the supply of goods, big equipment from China, delivery and customs clearance from China.

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