Interpreter in China—thinking out loud

On the immense expands of the global network, there are more and more C interpreters offering their services. The fact is obvious. Working as the interpreter in China is a kind of trend among those who want to work independently.

Today you can see their advertisements. The first one offers the services of a highly qualified interpreter speaking excellent Chinese and knowing the geography and mentality. The second one provides interpretation services in China—he is a member of the Union of Translators of Russia with years of experience in China. The third one (a university graduate struggling with English/Russian) offers the services of a business agent in China. The question is who you need—exactly you…

There is good supply as well as good demand in China. The demand has its quality: not every interpreter cares about it because in China different interpreters have different goals and different self-esteem. Perhaps I will devote a separate article to the quality of demand . The supply also has its own quality. You can check it only when you meet the interpreter.

I’m not talking about the fellows whose letters are enough for you to see them through. Sometimes interpreters write funny illiterate letters in response to job offers. Still, everyone has the right to work and make money.

If the interpreter’s English is enough for dealing with business issues in China, why not? It’s not about nationality. There are various English speaking interpreters of Chinese origin. Many of them surprised me with their abilities. There are those who got educated only in China, without ever visiting the USA or Europe. I have met various English speaking interpreters of non-Chinese origin who also surprised me with their abilities. Also, there is another group calling themselves Chinese interpreters. The client will not understand that the interpreter knows only a couple of words and does his work on the spot. The name “interpreters” is an overstatement, indeed.

Such work is low in price. That’s why my work costs more, and I make it clear to my clients. The reason is simple. Still, there are clients who want my services at low prices. Working as the Chinese interpreter and

being a first-class interpreter is the dream of every second person studying Chinese or English. The number of interpreters in the market has been growing annually for more than ten years since the beginning of my learning Chinese. In China the number of interpreters has been increasing exponentially every year since the beginning of my interpretation work. So businessmen and entrepreneurs get a more difficult question: how to choose an interpreter in China and how to identify the level of his or her competence. Sometimes you can’t help but rely only on intuition. They say it’s high-risk, high-reward. But the risks are different. All in all, it’s up to you, dear clients.

I hope that you will get only positive emotions and impressions from working with me.