Goods from China

I provide interpretation services in Guangzhou. This job allows me to attend exhibitions of various Chinese goods and visit different manufacturers from Guangzhou and other cities. A lot of things are produced and sold in Guangzhou. Thematic exhibitions of goods take place here all the time. As the interpreter in Guangzhou, I often visit both factories and exhibitions. I do it on my own or with my clients. I visit the factories independently in order to check the manufacturer and the goods or to control shipment. I visit the exhibitions to collect information for my client on a specific topic. As you already know, I do not stick to any particular topic, but there are topics I more often work with:

Furniture from China

Chandeliers from China

Equipment from China

Towels from China

Artificial flowers from China

Household goods from China

Kitchenware and dishes from China

Building materials from China

Bags from China

Christmas decorations, Christmas trees

Wedding dresses from China

Cosmetology equipment

Vending equipment from China

The list of products I have ever worked with is much longer. You can contact me for any questions. If you are going to buy an oil refinery, an asphalt plant or even a ship in China, I can help you.  I have worked with this subjects.