Furniture on Taobao. Is there an advantage?

Many clients are interested in buying furniture in Chinese online stores like Taobao and others. Online shopping is different from real one. If you buy furniture of famous brands or furniture from a reputable supplier in Italy, you can trust the online store by simply confirming the size of a particular position. But not everyone can afford to buy the furniture from Italy so people choose China as always. Chinese shops offer a huge selection of furniture at low prices.

Still, like dresses and other goods, the furniture may differ from the goods in the photos provided by a seller. What do the sellers often do to attract clients? They post the photos of the original furniture or good Photoshop pictures. The goods that arrive differ greatly from the photos. If the picture shows a glossy black sofa with clearly soft seats, in fact, you can get a sofa made almost of plywood and matte polyurethane. It will look cheap. You won’t be able to sit on it quickly because it will hurt you. But you won’t be able to replace it. It is possible to do from China, but not every seller supports the return policy. Moreover, if you return the purchase, you will not only lose time but also money for the return shipping.

I had to buy some furniture on the Internet, no matter how much I didn’t approve it. I don’t buy clothes and other things on Taobao. Once I was wondering why numerous buyers were obsessed with this site. It became so popular in Russia and other countries. Low prices go without saying. But I have discovered one more reason—Taobaomania. This is an incredible feeling of joy you feel when a courier knocks at the door and hands you a parcel that you eagerly open and get your purchase. In other countries, this is a visit to the post office, which is even a more pleasant surprise. At least for me.

There were times when I tried to order something—who did not want a dress for 50 yuans. I decided to order a token wedding dress for a marriage ceremony there. I ordered three at once, just to be sure, but they were all unsuitable even as tokens because they differed from the photos, smelled like oil (no washing could help), and were super short. I also ordered some fashionable shoes for 400 yuans there. Despite the beauty of the shoes presented at a design trade exhibition, the buyers wondered where I bought such shoes. They were beautiful shoes indeed. Later I learned they were a replica of Steve Madden shoes. (I’m not looking for brands. Moreover I do not like replicas, but it happened like that.) They successfully broke in a year (the sole cracked) though I wear shoes quite carefully. Now I buy only household items on Taobao. They are clothes dryers, mops, office supplies etc—all the stuff you are lazy to go to the store. And that also satisfies all my Taobaomania needs.

I have made a mistake recently. I needed some furniture for my office. I did not want to spend time for a trip to Foshan so I decided to take a chance and buy furniture allegedly directly from manufacturers on Taobao. I took the time to study the reviews, which were extremely positive, took into account the number of buyers and the reputation of sellers. The first chairs I sent back as they were not beige but dirty gray. Then I got a coffee table with a glass black top that was painted almost with oil paints as it had dirty stains you couldn’t get rid of. I had to replace the glass, which was quite difficult as it is not easy to pack the big glass tabletop securely. Then a sofa in the Japanese style arrived. The accessories fell off immediately. The appearance of the sofa was quite different from the picture. I have already described this sofa above. I was ready to throw it out the door at once. Next the shelf made of chipboard came. Its suffocating smell filled the room and did not want to leave it even though we ventilated the room constantly. There was a table too. It was a problem—it was ugly. I was not happy with any purchase. Of course, I did not want to spend money on expensive office furniture. I spent about 3,000 yuans. I would better spent the same time on IKEA: I would see what I was buying at least.

I love comfort, so I decided to say good-bye to that brand new furniture: to give it away. But nobody ever wanted it. To get rid of the furniture “successfully” bought on the Internet, I had to call a thrift warehouse of used furniture that estimated my treasure at 200 yuans. I gave it for free. Do not buy any furniture on the Chinese websites. You will not be able to return it from Russia if you do not like it or if it will be of low quality. Even if you hire an agent who will check your purchases, it doesn’t mean you will like this furniture. The agent does not know your standards, and you have not seen it live with that agent. Do not fall for the low prices and beautiful photos. That’s a big lie. If you need only a sofa or a table, you should look for it in your local stores. If you need some furniture for an apartment or a new house, read this article. I  have already written about it. If you need container supplies of furniture for an apartment, country house, restaurant, or hotel, I invite you to visit Guangzhou. Here I can help you find the right furniture and related products, collect the furniture, check it and arrange delivery to the door of your house. So it is a waste of money to buy single pieces of furniture on Taobao. And believe me if you buy cheaply, you pay dearly. My experience have proved it.