From Guangzhou to Macau

There are another days off in China. The Qingming Festival is one of the main traditional Chinese holidays. It occurs on April 5. It is sort of Russian Memorial Day. Chinese people have picnics and visit the graves of their ancestors these days. During this time, China has 3 official days off. My husband and I went to our favorite Macau (on the border with the city of Zhuhai) to take our minds off work and get some vitamin D from sunlight. We used to prefer Hong Kong, but Macau is much quieter and more interesting.

If you are going to China and have a couple of free days, I advise you to visit Macau and its attractions. Macau is famous not only for its countless casinos, but also for the Ruins of St. Paul’s, which is recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. In Macau you can find the Senado Square paved with mosaics (the whole city is paved with mosaics); Macau Tower that offers a gorgeous view and the world’s highest bungee jumping platform (you can jump from a 233 meter skyscraper); traditional dishes and a good deal of other things. Well, Hong Kong is a densely populated metropolis where you can get in human traffic jams on weekends. Macau seems to be more calm except for tourist sites.

How to get to Macau from Guangzhou?

There are trains from Guangzhou South railway station to Zhuhai. The travel time is less than 1.5 hours. Zhuhai is situated on the border with Macau, you will need to cross it on foot—and you are in Macau. You can reach Guangzhou South railway station by metro or by taxi. Perhaps to go by taxi is more convenient. Going to the station will cost you 80 yuans from the center of Guangzhou. There are sitting and standing tickets to Zhuhai. You should buy a sitting ticket for 90 yuans, otherwise you will have to crowd on the platform until someone gets off the train.

Where to stay in Macau?

Macau is a tourist city so there are almost all famous international hotels. My husband and I prefer Sheraton because there are suitable meals for us. The hotels nearby are full of Chinese and other restaurants. If you want to find yourself in Venice, you should stay at The Venetian Macao. This is a huge and beautiful hotel that offers recreation, entertainment, and a lot of restaurants. It will made a positive impression on everyone.

What did we do on this trip?

Besides sightseeing, we went to the Galaxy cinema to see the premiere of the movie Fast & Furious 7. We hardly got the tickets, but we were very pleased with both the movie and the cinema. Perhaps, it was one of the best action movies recently. The next evening was devoted to The House of Dancing Water show in City of Dreams. It’s a breathtaking show, it’s beyond words. The technique, special effects, and beauty—everything is worth seeing with your own eyes. You should get tickets in advance as you feel the high density of the Chinese population here. Perhaps the tickets were difficult to get because of the holidays. We got only VIP tickets, and they were the last ones—we were lucky. You can use the website to buy the tickets in advance.

On the way back, again because of the holidays, we did not get tickets for the Zhuhai-Guangzhou train. But it was for the best. We came home much faster by a private car than it would be by train, and the price was almost the same: 100 yuans per person, a business class car for 6 people. The train goes almost 1.5 hours, plus waiting for the train, dragging our suitcases to the train and to the taxi after that. We did not have to drag anything. Moreover, we reached the South station in 1.5 hours.

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Author: Anna Morozyuk

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