Finding a manufacturer in China

China is an attractive market for businessmen all over the world. It is the world’s factory where you can find any necessary goods. However, even if businessmen have a strong desire to work with China, they face some difficulties: peculiar Chinese traditions and customs may be an obstacle. 

Today many business people search for manufacturers by themselves. They use some famous platforms like Alibaba, Made-in-China etc. Increasingly, you may deal with dishonest or fake manufacturers on the platforms. So you should be sure to check all contacts. It’s not enough just to send a letter. In my experience, a lot of businessmen were up the creek because they relied on their knowledge and luck. There are even Chinese businessmen among them. 

I most of the time in China and i have office there with employees. So I can offer you not only the interpretation services, but also my help in finding the manufacturer in China and establishing contacts. In this case, you need to give me with the names of the goods of interest, their description, and the size of the first and subsequent orders. I am ready to contact the Chinese manufacturers and request the necessary information as soon as possible. I can also arrange a visit to the factory in China in order to get acquainted with the head, to learn more about the goods, and to discuss cooperation in Chinese.

In China I work with different product groups: furniture, shoes, clothes, bags, optical products, car parts, packaging machines, food equipment, industrial equipment and much more. As I know the Chinese mentality, I find the right questions to ask in order to get the best deals from Chinese manufacturers. If you know as much as I do, I think our cooperation will be mutually beneficial.

Finding Chinese manufacturers is a paid service. As I am an interpreter and a business agent in China, I keep on managing the orders remotely, and I serve as a link between the client and the factory.