Sourcing manufacturer for free. One more emotional post

Somehow negative things weigh on you, and you remember them more then positive things. So you want not only to speak but to shout it out. I haven’t recently posted many news on my website. Still, I must say there have been a lot of positive changes in my professional interpretation work. Besides, I have met plenty of wonderful and grateful clients.

On August 4, I received a request from Ukraine to find a manufacturer in China. In response, I sent an offer from a factory in a few hours. I didn’t ask to pay for my work. Sometimes, when I have time, I let myself to look for manufactures for free. On August 4, the client confirmed his interest by phone. He noted he took a neutral position concerning recent political events in Ukraine and its relations with Russia. On August 5 in the morning, he called again and asked if there was any progress on the search as the former offer was (I quote) “utter nonsense”. I actually searched for it from the very morning because I realized that the suggested product did not fit the characteristics. But the client decided that was not enough and explained that today I had to give him a final offer, otherwise he would find such a work unprofessional and would find someone else. He said it rudely. I don’t owe anyone anything, especially for free. I have a lot of other paid work that I can favour. I replied that I was searching and perhaps I would need more than one day (the clients who pay for my work wait for the result for a few days). “Okay. Good-bye” was his quick and nervous answer, and he hung up. I have dealt with different people over 7 years of working as an interpreter in China. Still, I have not met those who accuse me of incompetence groundlessly and set deadlines for free work. I assumed that he was not as politically neutral as he mentioned earlier. Well I, as you might guess by my name, have Ukrainian roots.

I do not like the negative, it makes me nervous. So when you contact me for some services, please be polite and patient, especially if I provide services to you for free. Please remember I’m not an altruistic organization in China. It’s my job. And if you need free help, please be ready to wait. My clients who need to find a manufacturer for free in China stand in quite a long line. Don’t give me a reason to write about negative experiences. I’m actually a very positive and open person. The clients commended my work on finding manufacturers in China many times. They found it professional and useful despite the fact that the field they worked in was sometimes unfamiliar to me.

August 5 gave me that negative experience and ruined my morning. Well, on that day I got a positive feedback from another client, whose order was small (I do not usually take such a job). But I wanted to help her as the client treated my work with respect, understanding, patience and gratitude from the beginning of our dialog. She received her shipment on August 4 and made my morning better with her letter on August 5. I wish you more positive emotions!