Do you need to find a manufacturer or to hire an interpreter?

My life is eventful, and it presented me a funny day today. I can’t help sharing. I know what order I will take and what not. My judgment is based on my work in China and the experience of meeting hundreds of different clients from different countries, clients of different ages and types. I think it is absolutely normal to talk about profitable and non-profitable clients: I work for a living, and I am not a member of the Red Cross. A couple from Europe has contacted me. They were going to China to see some furniture or rather just to ask the price during their first trip.

In China the clients were going to see rattan furniture, some kitchen furniture for a restaurant and some cosmetology products for personal use. The first day in Foshan showed that the prices for the rattan furniture are high for them. Russian people come to China and spend an average of $50,000 on furniture for a house or restaurant. You can buy an apartment for this money in this European country. So the local furniture made in Europe is often more affordable than the Chinese one. The kitchen was not a success as well as almost the only manufacturer in Guangzhou does not have the necessary certificates, and the certificates at the expense of the customer were nonsense for the client. It was pointless to look for the manufacturers outside Guangzhou as the clients were not going to spend money on a car rental service. It was assumed that I would find a factory producing the cosmetology goods for the arrival of the clients. There were no such factories. So we had to look for the goods in the cosmetology center of Guangzhou where there is everything for beauty salons and hairdressing salons. It was the place where there were companies that can make the goods in quantity and at the price unthinkable for the client (the factories won’t make 10 pieces of their production to order).

Dissatisfied with the prices and the terms of the Chinese manufacturers, the clients decided that the work was not done efficiently on my part. I should have put all the suitable factories on a silver platter. All the factories should have had to meet their standards, all of them should have had to be no further than Guangzhou. My fault was that they could only afford 10 pieces of cosmetology goods, and that rattan furniture was much cheaper in their local market. I have spent 3 days on these clients. It’s a lot of time for me when there is an ocean of paid work.

In the end, the clients decided to show their true business approach and respect for my desire to help. At the end of the day, they threw half of the agreed amount for the interpretation services on a chair next to my assistant and literally ran away. I feel sorry for such people. I haven’t lost anything, but I have gained an incredibly important experience. After all, as you know, experience does not come with years, but with…

What do I mean by this article? An interpretation day includes only working hours dedicated to the client’s support in China. It does not include any additional services for the search of goods in China. If you think that $100 per working day is a lot for a person who lives in China, learn Chinese and move here yourself. If you think that someone owes you something, come down from those clouds: no one owes you anything for free. And if someone helps you or tries to help, especially if he or she does not take money for it, be grateful, even if he or she does not get it the way you want. 

And the last thing that relaxed me and made me smile: the couple stayed in a luxury hotel room in the center of Guangzhou. It was cold there for a few days (there are no heating systems in Guangzhou; the days at this time were quite cold, besides, the hotels often have air conditioning). So one of them has caught a cold. As a result, they decided to ask the hotel to refund them for the cold days. The hotel, of course, refused the request. I am glad that our paths diverged at this stage. Perhaps, the money underpaid for the interpretation services helped them in some way.

I hope that the characters of this article will read the short version of the story one day. Probably they will think that their behavior was correct. My answer is I am ready to pay attention to those clients who talk to me on an equal footing and do not consider me a slave. I pay attention to the clients who can bring me profit and are willing to pay for my services, who are grateful for my time and help. It is my right to choose whether to help the client for free or not. I don’t waste my time on ignorant people and pharaohs. Neither communication with them nor their emotions are interesting to me. Be positive and then the world around you will be positive, and people will have a desire to help you. Do not demand attention to yourself if you do not know how to even thank for it.