Discounts on furniture shopping tours to China. Read before ordering!

Competition and discounts are always there: the higher the competition, the higher the discounts.

Take, for example, furniture shopping tours to China. There are offers of the organization of a furniture tour for 20 thousand rubles (including a driver with a car, an interpreter, a hotel for 5 days) on the market of services. Some agents are ready to do it for the compensation equivalent to 5% of the purchase; other offer to organize the supply of furniture for 1%. If you bought furniture for $15,000, 1% is $150. If you bought it for $50,000, 1% is $500. What can you buy for 1,000 yuans in Guangzhou where the minimum wages of factory workers are 3,000–4,000 yuans, where the rent of exhibition space and materials for production are constantly growing in price, and you pay at least 3,000 yuans per month for a rented apartment? I gave you the minimum numbers.  So let’s look at an example:

500$ per the ALL INCLUSIVE tour for 5 days is about 330 dollars. Let’s count it:

  1. The car with the driver is $80 per working day (this is the real price of the cheapest drivers, and they are also people who support their families). We multiply it by 5 and get $400
  2. The working day of the interpreter is $100. Let him work for free, we will not count these expenses. It is sad if the client did not buy anything. Then the interpreter’s efforts were useless.
  3. Staying in the hotel for 5 days or 4 nights—$50 per day. This is a minimum for a hotel without cockroaches and with Chinese breakfast. We multiply it by 4 and get $200.

400+200=$600. 330–600= the agent is losing his or her money. Here are the minimum expenses of the agent.

Plus you will be given a rich lunch. The agents are actually altruists: they don’t want money for their work, live on sun energy, live in cardboard boxes, and give all they have to good clients. They take the clients for a walk and buy them presents after 10 hours of walking around furniture shops without lunch. Wake up, do not be stupid. No one works like a dog for free. The less you pay for services, the more chances you have to be fooled. Yeah, that’s a beautiful word.

Don’t be the next poor client who calls me and complains that the goods have not come, an agent has disappeared with money, or an agent has made bad mistakes in the order since it turned out he did not speak and read Chinese…. Every day new “experts” on Chinese business appear. They do not know anything about what they sell, do not speak Chinese, and will not help you to solve the problems you are involved in. Please don’t buy wrappers, buy candies.