ChinaPlas exhibition in China. Interpreter in China

I do not often write here because I am almost always busy. I work as an interpreter in China. Still, this time I would like to share my another experience at the exhibition in Guangzhou.

The 25th International Exhibition on Plastics & Rubber Industries ChinaPlas 2011 took place in Guangzhou from 17 to 20 May. I accompanied my clients as the Chinese interpreter there. Over more than 25 years of its history, Chinaplas has become the largest specialized exhibition in Asia. World-famous manufacturers from different countries (including Germany, the USA, China etc.) participate in the exhibition every time.

All exhibitors are divided into thematic sections. The main sections are as follows:
• laboratory machines
• chemicals and raw materials
• die molds
• die-casting machines
• extruders and extrusion systems
• packaging equipment
• import equipment and raw materials

ChinaPlas 2011 occupied two pavilions of the Pazhou complex in 2011. The next Chinaplas session will be held in Shanghai on 18-21 April 2012.

I have received a lot of orders for working at the ChinaPlas exhibition in Guangzhou. Still, I am glad that I have taken the order from the clients I have already worked with. They introduced me to an interesting topic that gave me new information. After the exhibition, I have got an idea of how rubber shoes, plastic products, car parts, plastic furniture, food packaging, appliances and electronics, and household chemicals are produced.

At the exhibition, we were searching for manufacturers of my clients’ products of interest. We also were negotiating with the current suppliers to represent the interests of the factory in Russia. During the negotiations, there were many controversial issues. The factory did not want to accept some of the client’s terms, but we came to a mutual agreement together. As a result, my client is becoming the exclusive representative of the factory. The contract is awaiting signature. I will praise myself a bit as the clients were satisfied with my work as I “stood for them as if for myself”. Their praise is the best reward for me, the Chinese interpreter. Many factories have English-speaking managers at the exhibition. The reason for that is high demand for synthetic materials in the market. We had a chance to communicate with a Chinese factory manager who lives in Moscow. He was also pleased with the level of my Chinese. He made me blush when he told my clients that he rarely met Russian-Chinese interpreters with good spoken Chinese. He said I was one of them. Why are we talking about this? Self-promotion may seem intrusive in some cases, but not if it deals with facts. Well, you can see my professional qualities as the Chinese interpreter only during our cooperation. So I’m waiting for your orders. Perhaps we will meet each other at the next Chinaplas session in Shanghai.