Checking a manufacturer in China

I haven’t written anything here for a long time. Today I have a minute to write about one of my services that is called “Checking a manufacturer in China”.

Many businessmen choose to work with Chinese factories on their own, but not everyone has the time or opportunity to visit China. That’s what my service is all about. I offer the service of checking the manufacturer. I provide my clients with photos and a written report on the factory with which they wish to initiate cooperation.

So my service “Checking a manufacturer in China” involves physical verification, not just paperwork. The service is available in Guangzhou and Guangdong province. If the manufacturer you want to check is in Shanghai, Beijing or another city in China, we can arrange it as well. I check everything: the documents of the company, the production halls, and the warehouses. I check if the manufacturers produce the goods they claim. I ask the right questions to the factory representatives. If I do not get a proper answer, I put it in the report and inform the client. It is important to know what questions to ask. If manufacturers do not know everything about their own production, it is a warning sign. You may know how to do this work, but as a rule, my clients do not speak Chinese. They do not pay attention to the the factory representatives say. we also save our clients time and money for the trips . we can do all the work for you. I am yout agent to China and i can solve the problems for you.

Be careful and check all the details before cooperation, especially if you have some concerns over the manufacturer and high-value deliveries are planned. In my experience, there were other cases: a dubious Chinese manufacturer turned out to be a very large company. It was able to produce all the goods desired. But there were different reasons for losing contact: a manager quit, a letter didn’t reach the recipient, there was no time to answer, no opportunity to receive the order as it was the peak season. So the manufacturer didn’t bother sending notification to the client. Well, it required an effort to write a letter in English…. So before you make a decision on whether to initiate cooperation or not, please contact me. I will help you to clear things up and, if necessary, check the Chinese manufacturer and its capacity.