Canton Fair. Interpreter and business agent in China

Every Guangzhou interpreter is looking forward to the Canton Fair as it often brings new clients and extra money. The Canton Fair has become common for me. What differs it from everyday events is only the large number of visitors and the number of kilometers you run around the Pazhou exhibition complex.

I work with both regular clients and new ones at the Canton Fair. There are different tasks. Sometimes we just have meetings with manufacturers, permanent partners. Sometimes we look for new Chinese manufacturers with more interesting prices. Sometimes we look for new products the Russian market is still not familiar with.

I offer my clients a virtual or distant visit to the Canton Fair as an alternative to coming to China. I mean I collect information on the right goods and hold mini-negotiations with suppliers. The information I collected was useful to the clients quite a lot of times. Some of the clients formed partnerships with manufacturers independently, while some asked for my services as a business agent in China. We continue our successful cooperation.

I have been working in the service sector in China since 2007. So I can offer you high-quality services and comprehensive support. If you choose me to be your interpreter or business agent in China, you will not have to look for other assistants to check the goods and transfer currency to China (if it is impossible to undertake direct contracts for some reason). You won’t need to look for someone to organize delivery of goods from China and customs clearance. I am good at many things. Some of them are export from China and preparing documentation, working with Chinese manufacturers, container delivery from China and customs clearance, and cargo delivery from China. I am ready to solve these and many other business issues in China with you and be your permanent business agent in China. Please support me with your choice, and I will support you with my experience.