Canton Fair 2012. Autumn session

Canton Fair 2012 is another event in my interpretation life. It is a usual event for Guangzhou since 1957. I have not missed a single Canton Fair since 2017. I have been living in the city since then. The exhibition space has grown exponentially since my first visit. Even then it seemed too large to see everything. I work as a Chinese interpreter or business agent at the Canton Fair. I collect the information my clients need for their further deliveries from China.

The Canton Fair has ceased to be a super bright event for me. Earlier it seemed that every resident and visitor of Guangzhou was busy from morning to night. Once Guangzhou seemed huge to me. Now the city does not look as big as before. Probably it is due to its convenient and cheap transportation, the location of the places I or my clients need as well as the location of my house in Guangzhou. The Canton Fair has grown to more than a million square meters. It is quite organized. It is divided into thematic sections so you will feel your legs at the end of the working day. By the way, you should wear comfortable shoes at the Canton Fair.

Canton Fair 2012 is the most large-scale exhibition in Asia. It will start already in a month. Everyone who plans his or her work or business trips in advance has already taken care of buying tickets to China, booking a hotel in Guangzhou and hiring the interpreter at the Canton Fair. The exceptions are spontaneous businessmen and entrepreneurs who decide to travel to China a couple of days before the Canton Fair. It will be more difficult for them to find the tickets, the hotel and the interpreter. Wel, Guangzhou will host everybody, and you can buy more expensive tickets. But you need to find competent assistants/Chinese interpreters for the exhibition in advance.  I’ve written about this before. And even if I can’t work with you as the interpreter at the Canton Fair, you can ask me for any other help you might need for your business in China. I have got enough experience, time, and patience. I won’t run out of it.

Patience…. You need patience when dealing with China. It is like a zipper of a woman’s bag (there are a lot of things in the woman’s bag). If there is no zipper, all the contents can fall out at the most inconvenient moment. So be patient if you choose to work with China. Or I advise you to find an assistant in China who can work with you being in China and keep in touch with Chinese manufacturers. This is a big plus if there is a person who represents your interests in China. Sometimes Chinese people do not want to talk when you call them and communicate in Chinese. It turns out they no longer produce goods. What a surprise! This is a warning sign. You will not know who is sending you e-mails without your person in China. If you don’t have the assistant in China, English will be the language for communication. When you are at a distance of thousands of kilometers, unscrupulous or fake Chinese manufacturers fear nothing.

It is surprising that sometimes the contacts you have got at the Canton Fair are not working in six months. And what if you have placed an order with them, paid for it and advertised their products? I have no doubt and I know that there are companies that can easily do without any Chinese interpreter, assistant, or business agent in China. They just need an online English translator. Well, everyone knows that being lucky is quite important in developing successful business. So it’s up to you. You know, I am the interpreter in Guangzhou and the business agent in China. I am always at your service.