Canton Fair 2010: the results of the exhibition

The 108 Canton Fair 2010, the import and export exhibition of goods, has ended. Chinese manufacturers and trading companies, wholesalers from all over the world, Chinese interpreters and representatives of companies went to their cities to handle the information collected. The 108 Canton Fair occupied more than 1.3 million m2 in October and November 2010. Chinese workers put new piles around the working area. I will not be surprised if in a year, there will be a new pavilion increasing the area of the Canton Fair by several hundred thousand m2. We’ll see…. The main thing is that the 2010 exhibition has already ended, millions of deals have been made, thousands of potential partners have been found, relations with the old ones have been strengthened. The Canton Fair provides a lot of opportunities. Every new year confirms this. The 108 Canton Fair has been an important event for me as an interpreter in China. It’s not about new discoveries, new knowledge and new people alone. I am grateful to my clients who made every day interesting. And even though I did not have a single day off, I am very glad that there are such wonderful people with whom it is a pleasure to work. I sincerely wish all Chinese interpreters more satisfied clients. And I wish businessmen more humanity and understanding.

There was a noticeable increase in the number of Russian and Russian-speaking businessmen at the Canton Fair in 2010. I hope it is the result of the stabilisation of the economic situation. Well, the manufacturing of goods is undermined in Russian for reasons that are well known (and it’s a pity). Still, Russia is alive, and it develops its economy with the help of China. Unfortunately, I do not know the Canton Fair annual statistics of visitors from Russia and the CIS countries. But it is obvious that this year has become important for many businessmen, the owners of companies, and entrepreneurs. I really hope that each of them have found interesting products at the 108 Canton exhibition. We are approaching the New Year. Let the next 2011 year bring more sales to businessmen, profitable deals to manufacturers, and good clients and constant work to Chinese interpreters.

This year demand for Chinese interpretation services at the Canton Fair exceeded all my expectations and opportunities. Due to my being busy, I had to refuse dozens of entrepreneurs and businessmen. So I want to remind you once again that if you wish to cooperate with me, you need to contact me in advance. If we are talking about the Canton Fair, it is necessary to book the working days of the interpreter for a month or even two months beforehand. My life is extremely active. I don’t even have time to watch TV…. Sometimes I let myself be idle when I see it is useful. The rhythm of my life depends on me. And I like what I do. I like to work as the interpreter and a business agent in China. It allows me not only to have an income but also to have bright emotions.

The 109 Canton Fair is in another six months. Chinese factories, suppliers, wholesalers, intermediaries, consulting companies, trading companies, and Chinese interpreters will deal with a lot of events within these six months. Let’s wait together for growth and work on it. The point is to look for your interpreter at the Canton Fair in Guangzhou in advance.