Business agent in China. Why TranslatorChina

Why should you choose me to be your business agent in China or permanent interpreter in Guangzhou? I have many answers to this question.

The regular export and import exhibition of goods—the 111th Canton Fair—has ended. Every year becomes a new step in my professional activity—interpretation. Due to many factors, today’s main job of mine is representing the interests of international companies and businessmen in China. I manage a deal from beginning to end, from looking for goods to checking and shipping them from China. Today I work as a business agent more often, than just as the interpreter. The work of the business agent in China differs from that of a simple interpreter in China. I still provide interpretation services in Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhongshan. I have advantages over many colleagues of mine.

During the Canton Fair, I have met the directors and managers of several big companies. They have been looking for a business agent in China who can run errands in China for them, control the production process, keep in touch with a Chinese manufacturer. All in all, they needed the one to be their assistant in China. At one of the meetings, the clients have mentioned the difference between working with a private business agent in China and a company. According to them, the company consisting of several workers can always replace a sick, fired or absent employee. Indeed, it seems to be true. Still, it isn’t a determining factor. The clients has known the companies using the services of a private business agent in China. The agent performs the tasks efficiently and on time. Anyway, I can respond to this.

I manage the deals in China on my own. I do not delegate them to someone else except the below cases. Delegating something is a big disadvantage. Recently, I have sent the goods to many countries. sometimes there is difficulty I had to deal with three managers of a shipping company. One manager went on vacation, the other quit the job. As a result, I had to give information about the cargo to the shipping company three times to avoid delivery problems. It is not easy to delegate things without losing important details. In recent years, I have been working as the interpreter only in Guangzhou and nearby cities. I support deals throughout China. After my working day I go back to my computer, look through the letters, answer them and make a plan for the next day. I make urgent calls to factories when there is a spare minute during a business trip with a client. I don’t take an order for interpretation the very minute you place it. I always have a plan with my priorities specified: what I should do before working for 8 hours with a new client. As for my health, God has given me good health. I support it doing sport and leading a healthy life. And if I happen to catch a cold, it doesn’t influence my permanent job. Sometimes my plans change radically. This happens because urgent issues may occur in the current work. So if I cannot accompany my clients and do the interpretation work for them, I delegate it to my proven colleagues (Chinese-English interpreters) who perform their task perfectly.  

You will probably think that I am very busy and will not find time for quality work on your project. In fact, I will. I have time for work if you pay for it. Many clients try to find cheap options, some of them want to get free services. Still, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to take your chances out, it’s your choice to order that lunch. Let me say it again: if my work is paid for, I do it with all responsibility, and I keep deadlines. If I see at least a subtle hint that the client avoids the question of payment and tries to get information for free, I finish the conversation because it is of no use to continue it. That is my right. I only spend my time on serious clients. Being a business agent in China is responsible, so it requires encouragement and compensation. If you have tasks or assignments in China, I am always ready to perform them.