Between China and Hong Kong

How different Hong Kong is from mainland China! The more I go there, the more I feel it and the more I am surprised at it. It seems that only the border separates these two territories, but no, there is not only the border. Everyone knows that Hong Kong is a former colony of Great Britain so everything is a bit European here.

I always cross the border in Shenzhen. You can start feeling that very clear contrast of China with Hong Kong there. The Chinese side is noisy, chaotic; there are no lines. Escaping from the mainland customs, you find yourself in paradise Hong Kong where all patiently stand in line, all are calm and polite. They do not step on your feet and do not strive to get on the train first.

Everything is different in Hong Kong. I love being there. I have been living in China for quite a long time. So sometimes I want to walk down the street and feel you’re just like everybody else, nobody looks at you, nobody gives you a happy smile and utters a weird “Hallo” and makes you—a fragile girl—wonder what is on his mind….

Working as an interpreter in China, I deal with new people and new places. I have worked and communicated with different people. As for Guangzhou, you can very often feel some foreign influence here: numerous cafes and coffee (I often see Chinese people in the famous Starbucks near my house), using forks during meals, style of clothing, and names of things in English. But these are only overtones. It is too early to talk about the whole picture because the population of China is too large to radically change in a short time. Moreover, the south of China is fundamentally different from the north. Traveling from Beijing or Harbin to Guangzhou, one can see the differences between northern and southern China, which begin at the very airport.

Well, that’s the culture of China. And I respect it deeply no matter what. Probably, that is why I still live in China. Perhaps I will move with my family to Hong Kong in the future, but now it’s just an idea. Who knows. Meanwhile, I am still ready, and I am always happy to be your permanent interpreter or business agent in China.

Author: Anna Morozyuk

Anna Morozyuk I live in Guangzhou (China). My specialty is translator and representative in China. I have certificates and diplomas confirming the level of knowledge of the Chinese language. I perform services in China such as the search for manufacturers, quality control, represent in exhibitions, organizing the supply of goods, big equipment from China, delivery and customs clearance from China.