Alibaba Stock – to buy or not buy?

The Alibaba company is known to every businessman today. The whole world was waiting for the date when it would place its shares on the American stock exchange. Alibaba is an Internet platform for manufacturers in China. It was created in 1999. It was the largest Chinese company in the market of B2B-trading platforms in 2006. Starting from my coming to China in 2007, I could see how the site changed, improved and expanded. And today it is a global giant that offers huge opportunities for the entire business world. It has affected ordinary people as well. They can easily buy goods for private use on Aliexpress, Etao, Taobao and Tmall today. Taobao and Tmall scouted the market with the help of multiple Taobao agents. Today they do some giant work on getting direct access to foreign markets. Taobao already delivers goods to individuals in Asia without intermediaries. Tmall already has an Australian version so Australians can easily buy goods directly from China. Apparently, Russia is not far off. The company is moving forward by leaps and bounds and is not planning to stop. We can only assume what will be the next step.

The shares of Alibaba Group were estimated at $68—a Chinese magic number. They rose in price by 38% on the first day of trading, September 19. It was a record hopeful leap. Alibaba’s market value was $231 billion on the day when the first-ever public offering was made on the New York stock exchange.

The trades were opened at a share price of $92.70 for mere mortals.

My husband and I were waiting the time we could join it with great interest. It is impossible to buy shares being in China, but we have found a way out and now we have several hundreds of Alibaba shares. I wondered how things would turn out, then we were just watching it. Would you dare to buy the Alibaba shares?

After a while, when the Alibaba shares rose after the “planned” price fall (we were intuitively sure it would happen), we sold.

Update 2020: if you ask me today its was very big mistake to sell the shares and i don’t think its will going to get down anytime soon