About safety in factories

Today is December 12, 2014, New Year’s Eve. It would seem a wonderful time for feeling good. Unfortunately, we got terrible news about an explosion at an equipment factory in Shunde District in Foshan. We saw it in the news feed in the morning. There are 17 people killed and 20 people injured. The metal walls and roof of the plant were demolished by a powerful explosion.

Foshan is the city I visit quite often. Shunde District is famous for its furniture centers and numerous factories. The container of my client was loaded at one of the Foshan factories on December 31. I have never heard about explosions in factories before, but nevertheless I urge you to be vigilant when visiting factories in China: be careful when inspecting production facilities, checking goods, or loading them. All this is quite a dangerous work, especially when it comes to heavy objects or production where gas, cutting equipment, and chemicals are used. When you cross the road at a green light, you’d better make sure that none of the iron monsters violates the rules. The same is true for working with Chinese factories. Being careful can be useful.

Most recently, we have sent spare parts for some Japanese equipment from China. When loading a heavy part, one of the workers was injured. He decided that his hand will cope with the iron. But the iron was stronger. As a result, he’s got a broken arm. The work of a business agent in China is difficult and dangerous. But that’s a sour note. I wish you a safe New Year. Let an angel go next to you!