About $1,000 wholesale supplies

In one of my articles, I have mentioned the president of a large Russian company who thought his day cost millions and complained about lack of due attention. I don’t jump that high, but there’s a price to my time too. Still, in my case it’s not a lack of attention, but unreasonable demands of the clients who do not pay anything but promise a lot.

I repeatedly asked my clients to specify the supply budget because time is not infinite, and I can’t do anything about it. Due to my health condition, which I was so proud of earlier, I can’t recently sit at the computer all day long and run errands for hundreds of clients on the dot. I can’t answer all phone calls that may last even for half an hour. After all, no one cares that he is not my only client. This is especially true when the order is only $1,000.

I understand that Russia is in crisis, that the dollar has risen twice relative to the ruble, that the purchasing power of the population has fallen. Still the dollar rate has remained practically the same here, in China, and prices are going up fast.

I often receive requests like “I want to get some goods from China.” When I ask whether they want wholesale supplies, a definite answer is “Of course, wholesale”. As a result, they need 5 pairs of sneakers, 1 happy car or 100 boxes of china cups. And they need everything only from the manufacturer. No one wants to work with resellers or online stores. In most cases, I am deluged with letters, calls, text messages by the clients who intend to spend one or two thousand dollars. They accuse me of slowness and threaten to give me negative feedback. It’s good to be loved, but it’s hard to love everyone. Maybe it’s a simple task to find manufacturers, but it also takes time that is money. Moreover, factories do not work with orders for several pieces of goods so the work done not only remains unpaid, but is also useless. No one cares that I have large orders I need to deal with, that I may have potential clients with 10 000 or 100 000 dollar orders. They also wait for an answer. That’s why I cannot give an instant answer to the question: “How much is this cup at a factory in China? I need 100 pieces.” To answer this question, I need to find the manufacturer who makes such cups first. Then the task is to contact it, which sometimes requires a couple of tries to get it right. Then I need to write it a letter since it won’t give me any price via phone. After that I need to check if it has received the letter. If it hasn’t answered—to rush it and get the answer. Don’t take it badly if I ignore small orders. I do not have time for everybody. Well, I can make little money on five sneakers, which will take me much more than 5 minutes.

Please save your energy and mine. It is very important for a normal healthy body.