A must-read

I started learning Chinese in 2001. It is 2015 now. So it is 14 years already. I have been helping my clients with their deals for more than 8 years. I have been managing my own company since 2010. I have hundreds of references from grateful clients; I have worked with four TV channels.

I guarantee the high-quality work of my employees. I distribute the work between them because I know their skills: I mean whether they will cope with the tasks. During several years I had a lot of employees I had to say goodbye to. Why? They did not meet the standards my clients need. I take my work seriously. It is important to me that the client is satisfied and gets the intended results.

While working in China, I have dealt with major companies. I have helped them to purchase goods in China. My quality standard is 100%, not a percent less. My prices are good enough and acceptable for various clients. Does it matter: $5 less or $5 more? If $5 is crucial for you when choosing a high-quality assistant, I have nothing to say. It is your choice and your money. Let’s say you buy a phone for $1,000. Its cover costs $5. You do buy the cover, don’t you? It works with the clients as well. They buy tickets, spend money on accommodation, and try to save $5 on the interpreter. That doesn’t sound serious.

I invite you to be my client. Your success is my success.

A must-read