30 facts about me

Everyone knows my occupation—I am an interpreter in Guangzhou and an agent in China. So that’s another talk. I think potential clients will find it interesting to know a few facts about me:

  1. I started to learn English when I was 7
  2. I attended a grammar school from the fifth grade; I was an A-student during all my studies
  3. I graduated from a pedagogical university, Faculty of Foreign Languages, English-Chinese, with honors
  4. I was singing in a vocal ensemble and choir when I was 6–15; I was playing the keyboard in a band when I was 13–15
  5. I graduated from a music school in piano
  6. I don’t eat pork, fried and fat foods
  7. I have been doing yoga and other sports since 2009
  8. I am not good at cooking at all; recipes do not always work well
  9. I am a true Gemini
  10. I am married to the kindest and wisest man
  11. I love sea
  12. I don’t like bootlickers, liars, and chatterboxes
  13. I do not respect people who respect only themselves
  14. My manners are mild, but I can be sharp if people don’t treat me as equal
  15. I am not afraid to have a go at impolite people (I mean to ask them to raise their trash, get in line etc.)
  16. I don’t have a lot of friends
  17. I have lived almost a third of my life in China and 16 years in Yakutia
  18. I am Russian on the passport, in fact, I am half Ukrainian
  19. I am not interested in politics
  20. I do not drink alcohol
  21. I have never wanted to visit Europe; I was there only as a child
  22. I do not tolerate injustice
  23. I’m very intuitive
  24. I speak three languages, I study the fourth one
  25. I am afraid to offend a man
  26. I love dogs
  27. I love to travel
  28. I am a good listener
  29. I can be hurt, but you’d better not do it