107th Canton Fair

The 107th Canton Fair has started. It is an important event for every interpreter in China. On the first day I visited the exhibition by myself, without any clients. Earlier, when I worked for a company as a Chinese interpreter and Russian client manager, there could be three tasks at the Canton Fair: providing interpretation for a client on a subject, finding Chinese factories for one of the clients as he could not come there; or hunting potential clients and giving them a business card.

I was delighted that I could see everything that I could not see before. My clients were on their way to Guangzhou, so the first day of the exhibition was off, and I could walk around without my clients. I saw the products I dealt with earlier. I was looking at machines and recalling the trips with my clients to Chinese factories. Everything was interesting for me. Though my legs were barely moving, I went through all the pavilions from beginning to end. I did it as used to—in a serpentine fashion. It helps not to get confused about what you have already visited and what not. I did not mind the time for visiting the exhibition, it was just interesting. Yet again, the exhibition is a great opportunity for businessmen: new products, new technologies, new factories, and new people. 

At the Canton Fair, I offer both Chinese interpretation services and business agent services. The business agent can gather information about manufacturers in China. It is always very interesting to do interpretation work at the Canton Fair. It is actually interesting to be the interpreter in China. Interpretation broadens horizons and changes the perception of the world: you begin to understand how this or that process, this or that part works. Being the interpreter has been my dream and goal since childhood. Being the interpreter in China is probably my destiny. But I’m just glad it turned out this way.