Chinese-Eeglish-Russian interpreter. buying wholesale goods from China (import from China)

English-Chinese interpreter. help buying wholesale goods from China
I am professional sourcing agent, helping with communicating with manufacturers and suppliers, checking goods and loading to container, making sure that the goods are done according to requirements at best prices. It’s important to use professional in order to increase profitability and save money.

Today it is not an easy task to find an experienced buying agent or an interpreter in Guangzhou or in China. New websites appear daily, but not all interpreters are professional and reliable. If someone not recommend you the interpreter , at least you can check the domain age and what company/person/services it deals with. If the interpreter states he or she has been working in China for 10 years, the résumé website must be at least 8 years old. Here is an example. My site is available since 2010, which you can check using If you know this little information, you can be sure that the interpreter has been in business for a long time. Check photos with clients, references, the interpreter’s repertoire, whether he or she is reliable and ready to show the face. For example, I have worked with some TV channels; I have incorporated a legal person in China, and I have a permanent office in Guangzhou. If you come to China to do business, you don’t need to find a cheap interpreter. You need the partner who will not only do some interpretation for you, get the compensation for the working day and will say goodbye to you. You need the one who will help to organize the work with Chinese factories in the future. It won’t make great difference whether to pay 50, 70 or 100 dollars. A business trip to China will cost you much more. Well, the person having genuine experience can become your reliable link with China and help to accomplish any business tasks. This information is not only for the disappointed clients who come to me after their sad experience, but also for all those who are going to China and want to find a reliable person for further cooperation.

Now let me introduce myself:

Hello! My name is Anna – an interpreter and buying agent in China. Here I will tell you how to choose an interpreter/buying agent, what to be aware of and what to avoid. I’ll share the prices of interpretation services in China and other important information. I have been in China since 2007, and I offer interpretation services from Chinese to English and Russian in Guangzhou and all over China. I live permanently in Guangzhou. During this time I have accumulated a wealth of experience with Chinese suppliers. I majored in Chinese and English at Foreign Languages Department. I had a one-year language training in China. I try to constantly increase my vocabulary with various topics as my clients specialize in various products.

I like to translate from Chinese, I like Chinese, and I’m fond of socializing with new people. Here in China I work not only as the interpreter. Very often, businessmen do not have the opportunity to come to China. So I can find suppliers in China, meet them, discuss issues of interest, control the production process and loading of the goods into the container, and visually check the quality of products. In short, I can be not only your interpreter, but also your business agent in China. You can ask me for any help whether concerning business or tourism in China. Maybe I’m not a 100% China expert, but I know the country well enough to find a solution.

Along with the organization of business with Chinese partners, I am also ready to help you to incorporate your own company in Hong Kong or China and to manage the delivery of goods from China and customs clearance. The experience of several years allows me to offer my clients advantageous and reliable services.

Again, geographically I am in the south of China, and I work as the interpreter in Guangzhou and nearby cities of Guangdong province (Foshan, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Dongguan). If you need an interpreter in other cities of China, please contact me – I will certainly help you.

I am going to omit the description of personal qualities. You be the judge of them when we meet. The only thing I can say that I am responsible for my work as the interpreter in China, for accomplishing my clients’ tasks. I always promote my clients’ interests while negotiating with Chinese suppliers. I know how to achieve reasonable goals.

That is broadly speaking what I wanted to tell you. If you need an interpreter in Guangzhou or in other cities of China, call or write me. If I’m not online, I will answer you later, but be sure I will do it.